Behind our name:

Our trucking company was named in memory, and in honor of the legacy of our beloved son, brother, and cousin, Carrington Frye. Carrington had hoped one day to get his CDL, travel and see the world. Carrington was a lover of people, a giver of himself, and a protector of those close to him; hence some of the principles in which Carrington Legacy Trucking, LLC stand on.

CLT’s five-year business trajectory is to become a major force in the trucking industry by transporting and delivering the products and merchandise that keep America going. Our focus is on building and fostering relationships in the freight industry that are built on safety and customer service first, quality shipping standards, class, professionalism, and trust; with our customers and drivers being in the center.


At Carrington Legacy Trucking, we are on a mission to reform the trucking industry through the reintroduction of honest practices, professionalism, and higher standards of shipping service and delivery. Our aim is to foster quality relationships that can reward our customers the best freight deals, guarantee timely service, and assure the security of their shipments from pickup to drop off.


To be the best of our kind in connecting our customers and business partners to a better future through professional standards, and world class logistics.

Our core values

  • C: Committed – to giving world class service.
  • A: Appreciation – we value all relationships, and business deals; big and small.
  • R: Reliability – you can count on; anytime you need us.
  • R: Respect – CLT promotes diversity. We honor all viewpoints, and differences.
  • I: Integrity – we stand on the principles of our foundation
  • N: New – always innovative. We set out to change the face of the freight industry to show you the “sweet side.”
  • G: Give Back – CLT is dedicated to continued community service through our “POP” program.
  • T: Trust – we will do exactly what we say we’re going to do.
  • O: Openness – all our dealings will be fair, open and honest
  • N: Navigate – we will direct your journey in the most timely and cost-efficient way.